How I Got Here

Three years ago, I knew I wanted my life to change but I didn't know where to begin. I was desperate to break the cycle of dissatisfying patterns and extricate myself from environments that I had built for myself but that felt like they belonged to somebody else. How could I ensure my integrity and authenticity were in the driver's seat? What tools would allow my intuition to take charge rather than reverting to my unconscious biases and limitations? I was determined to take my power back but how?!

The smallest step I could take was to meditate for one minute every morning. And so I did.

Fast Forward Two Years

Day after day, morning after morning, my routine began to evolve. One minute of meditation became three then five then fifteen. The effects were immediately apparent and life changing. Morning meditation became my non-negotiable. I had calm and clarity as well as increased presence in all my interactions. Habits started to shift. But then a new need - emotional, physical or spiritual - would arise, asking to be addressed. With each call of my soul, I discovered and implemented new tools to add to my morning ritual until eventually the entire process took me about TWO WHOLE HOURS!

Making it Sustainable

I went from being a person with virtually no self discipline who could hardly sit still for five minutes to someone who had trouble "starting their day" due to a seemingly endless morning routine. If these rituals were going to continue to wield their magic in my life, they had to follow an efficacious pattern that was also flexible depending on context.

So I distilled the best of my practices into core categories and began to learn which types of tools were most helpful under any given circumstance. Here they are...


As you will learn in this course, the most pivotal axis in self healing and maintaining a strong, rich connection to your intuitive wisdom is to welcome in divine guidance from your Knowing Self and from Source / Spirit. Here's how to ask.


You can meditate until you're blue in the face, but if you don't allow what's really happening in your unconscious mind and emotions to express itself, you can never fully integrate in an honest, realistic and grounded way.


You know this big body we are lugging around? Turns out it's an important part of the puzzle of "being human" and all. We are not just light beings. We are flesh and blood. Any self healing that excludes this is incomplete.


Once we are honest with ourselves and feel present to what is, we can set an intention. When we generate energy, that life force loves to be directed towards meaningful goals. Here we chart our course for the life we are building.


Meditation. The cornerstone. Life will never be still for long. Conflict, waves of emotion and discomfort will arise. So we train ourselves to observe what is without resistance and find strength, acceptance and yes, peace, in conscious awareness.


Everything we manifest is an act of co-creation. In the sweet spot, we are neither passive nor in control. Divine Guidance doesn't only happen in our morning practice, it's an ongoing dialogue with Spirit woven into our days. Here's how to listen.

The Curriculum

  Morning Ritual for Self Healing: INTRODUCTION
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  Week One: INVITE
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days after you enroll
  Week Two: EXPRESS
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Week Three: CIRCULATE
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  Week Four: ALIGN
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  Week Five: CENTRE
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  Week Six: RECEIVE
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A Brief Welcome

Get a taste for the course with these excerpts from the introductory video.

It is truly hard to quantify how profound a transfomation this course can provide, but I still tried.

Natalie Vansier started Tour de Soul in March 2020. Thanks to applying the practices outlined in this course, Natalie turned a lifetime passion for spiritual growth and guiding others to their most fulfilling incarnations into a profession (in the midst of a global pandemic). Since then, Natalie has garnered over 100 committed clients internationally. The rapid growth of her business via word of mouth is a testament to the tangible impact she has had on her clients, helping them navigate a path of increasing authenticity, clarity and satisfaction.


"Natalie possesses a wisdom wayyyyy beyond her years. Her intuitive insights seem to pierce to the heart of issues with efficiency and her warmth and humor anchor it all, paving a path for applicability and action. A session with Natalie is a bit where spiritual guidance meets life coaching meets coffee with a great friend. It could well be that Natalie came to the planet to do exactly this. She shoots you straight, which I appreciate, in a loving way showing a vision of possibility and growth and optimism!"

  • Melanie Hatchell

Moving Through the Course

This 6 week course is conducted at your own pace but it is recommended to focus on one module per week and apply your chosen self healing technique for the full seven days.

Each module contains 1-2 videos and accompanying PDFs, as well as an accountability checklist. One has to complete the content in a module before moving onto the next.

The curriculum is cumulative, meaning: one learns how to "habit stack" (linking habits together through repetition) through navigating the course material.

In Week One: INVITE, the first tool practiced daily only takes a minute. In the second week, another tool is added to the first until one has built their entire morning routine by the end of 6 weeks.

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